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In the state of Iowa, ethanol in super unleaded fuel is subsidized so it is typically much less expensive than regular unleaded. I was working at a gas station off the interstate that had a large sign visible from the highway and a street sign that only displayed our lowest-price fuel, Super Unleaded. This customer from out-of-state came in upset after pumping gas, accusing me of over-charging him and misleading customers about our price per gallon. I apologized and said I’d look into it and walked out to the dispenser with him. I looked it over, nodded, and pointed at the PPG display above each grade and said, “Yeah, this is all correct. See? Regular is (ppg) and super is (ppg) just like the sign says” as I point to the street sign. Steam starts shooting out of this guys ears and he responds, “Well, you could’ve made that sign larger!” I replied, “We did,” as I point to the massive sign visible from the highway looming over the store. Customer: “Uh… Yeah… Well, you’re starving Mexicans!” Me: “What???” Customer: “You are personably responsible for the deaths of millions of Mexicans! Does that make you happy? This is bullshit!” “Ok, then. Have a nice day,” as I turned and walked back inside.