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A guest comes to check out from his room. I can see the reservation was for 2 pax for 6 nights. I present the bill to him and he is furious that the rate applied is for 2 pax for his entire stay.

Guest: Why is the bill charged for 2 pax for 6 nights?
Me: Sir, we have 2 pax registered in this room.
Guest: Yes. But my wife checked out after the 3rd night.
Me: (Thinking we made a mistake). Oh! I’m sorry then sir. Did you inform the hotel when your wife checked out?
Guest: No.. Why would I do that?
Me: Sir. If you don’t inform us about your wife’s check out how will we know that there is only one pax in the room now.
Guest: (Even more furious) I’m going to write a bad review about this. You guys are going to get it.
Me: *Smiles*

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