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I’m a manager for a heating oil company in northern New England. I have 6 trucks, 4 drivers, deliver heating oil, K1, LP, diesel, and cover over 250sq miles and 34 towns. As can be expected we are absolutely slammed during the deep winter months, sometimes fielding 200+ calls a day for heating oil. I get screamed at EVERY SINGLE DAY by folks who have lived here their whole lives but can’t seem to remember that it gets damn cold in the winter and they have to check their damn tank. They wait until they are out or almost out and want it NOW. We only go to certain towns on specific days so I hear this constantly:
“My children are going to freeze because of you!”. Really? I didn’t have your kids, how is it MY responsibility to keep them warm?
“I don’t care if there is a blizzard, your truck better be here! If my pipes freeze I will sue you!”. So it’s MY fault you waited to call for a delivery the night before a storm that is so bad the news is telling everyone to stay off the roads, AND you have a thousand foot driveway straight downhill that isn’t plowed?
“Yeah, I know I owe you $800, but I don’t understand why I can’t charge another delivery!”. What???? We aren’t a non-profit.
“I need a delivery today” Sorry sir, we aren’t in that area today. If you need us to come out it will be an additional fee, we will need payment on delivery, and we won’t be able to get there until after one of my drivers gets done his route. “(Screaming)WHAT! I have kids you dumb cunt!! Never mind you stupid cold hearted bitch, will find someone else who fucking cares about their customers!!”
Half an hour later I get a call from the same person, willing to pay the call out.
“Sorry, the drivers have met their allotted hours so cannot take extra call outs today( not), the next delivery day is two days from now. May I suggest hauling it in a can to get you through?”
Don’t piss off the lady who has your heat.

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