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(I’m manning the register at a chain drug store. Its usually slow, but today two customers, a man and a woman come in and they look over the newspapers for awhile until they finally come up to me to buy one.)

Female customer: *slams the newspaper onto the counter and jabs her finger at the headline. Its something about the armed forces.* “We’re in there. Thats us.”

Me: *confused, but ringing them up anyway.* In the article, the picture? *I tell them the total.*

Female customer: *she starts to look upset and gestures angrily at the page.* “I’m in the armed forces, I served”

Me: *Giving her her changed, visibly confused but smiling. “T-Thank you for your service, would you like your receipt?”

Female Customer: *scoffs, snatches the paper and starts to walk away.* “You have no clue what I’m saying, do you?”

(No. And to this day, I still don’t.)

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