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(The library I work at has recently had a new system installed. Now it alerts us if someone has already taken a book out previously, which can be helpful if
a customer reads a lot of a similar genre or series like Mills & Boon books. Usually we just let the customer know about the alert and ask if they want to take the book again anyway. A customer comes to my desk just as my colleague informs the customer they are serving that they’ve taken a particular book out before.)
My customer: “I hate it when you lot tell me that.”
Me: “Oh. Well, the computer tells us automatically, and some people don’t remember what they’ve read and don’t like to reread a book.”
Customer: “It’s none of your business what I read. I don’t think you should be able to see that information.”
Me: *unsure if he’s joking* “Well, we see the books when you bring them to the desk anyway?”
Customer: *ignoring me* “Should be freedom of information or something like that. You shouldn’t know what I have out. It should all just go blank after you’ve scanned it out. It’s none of your business.”
Me: *giving up* “Well, I’ll try to remember not to tell you when you’ve taken a book out before. Umm, did you want your other books renewed?”
Customer: “Yes please. Wait…which books do I have out?”
Me: “…”

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