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I work full time as a Security Guard at a High-Rise Condominium downtown. I have been working at this building for a few years, so I know the place like the back of my hand. A group of people visiting a unit in the building walk up to the Front Desk and this conversation ensues:
GUESTS: Where is guest parking?
ME: Right down the hallway
I go back to my responsibilities. a few seconds later, the group returns.
GUESTS: Where is the REAL guest parking?
ME: That is the only guest parking we have.
GUESTS: You’re lying! We didn’t park our car there!
ME: That’s the only guest parking we have
GUESTS: You’re lying!
ME; Where did you park?
GUESTS; In guest parking!
At this point, I figure out that they must be confused with another level of our parking ramp, so I decided to approach this a different way.
ME: Who are you visiting?
GUESTS: [Name] in unit [number]
I look through my resident parking list and find that this specific resident parks in a spot that is visible from my vast array of camera angles. I review the camera and see these same people with their resident host parking and leaving a minivan in this resident’s space several hours earlier. This is perfectly legal since the resident gave them access to his/her spot, but it is not our guest parking.
ME: I found where you parked, please follow me.
The group follows me to the parking level where we walk out the elevator, out a lobby door, and into the ramp. As soon we enter the ramp, the guests declare: “This is not where we parked!”. We are about 20 spaces away from the place where I think they parked; I convince them to keep walking towards the spot. As soon as we get to the spot where they are parked. The men in the group exclaim: ” thank you, may you have seven [women] [please] you tonight.” I have strict moral standards, but I just let the comments go and make sure the group leaves safely.

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