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(In this story I’m not using my real name nor the incorrect one used when this happened, but know that my real name and the incorrect name are as dissimilar as the two used here)

ME: “Hi welcome to [restaurant], I’m Adam.”

(I get their drink order and go to get them and come back)

CUSTOMER #1: “Why does your nametag say ‘Adam?'”

ME: “Because . . . that’s my name?”

CUSTOMER #1: “You said your name was ‘Matt.'”

ME: “I . . . no, I said my name was Adam.”

CUSTOMER #2: “Then how could we both hear you say your name was ‘Matt?'”

ME: “I don’t really know, but I assure you I didn’t say that was my name.”

(I try laughing a little to ease the odd tension since this is both unusual and also entirely inconsequential, but neither guy seemed to be finding it funny. The remainder of their dinner was tense and they left me a notably small tip.)