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*I work in a small hole-in-the-wall store that specializes mostly in gimmicky gifts and knick-knacks. Most of our stock is either on the floor or stored in cupboards under the displays. We also have a tiny storage closet that we put reserved items in as well as our cleaning supplies. On this day a lady comes in and looks around at our stuff.*

Lady: Do you have any of those bobbleheads based off of *popular video game* There’s none out here!

Me: Let me check.

*I go through the cupboards under the bobbleheads and unfortunately don’t find any*

Lady: Can’t you check the back?

Me: Doubt if we have any they’ll be there, but I’ll have a look.

*Having been asked about ‘the back’ numerous times I’ve gotten into the habit of just walking into our storage closet and taking a short break since that usually appeases the customers. Sadly this lady proves to be the exception.*

Me: *after spending six or so minutes in the closet* Sorry it looks like we’re out of that one. We can certainly order one in for you though.

Lady: What? No! You weren’t gone for long enough. You can’t have checked the entire back!

Me: Ma’am I’m sorry but we’re very limited on storage space. Our back isn’t that big.

Lady: Go check again! You can’t have done it properly!

*To try and calm her down, I go into the closet again and just play on my phone for another 10 minutes (fortunately it was a slow day and she was the only one there)*

Me: I’m sorry but it really looks like we’re out right now. I can still…

Lady: NO! You came out too quickly again! You didn’t check the entire back!

Me: I promise you, ma’am, there’s not much ‘back’ to check. Seriously, see for yourself.

*I open the door to show her that the storage closet is literally maybe slightly bigger than a phone booth, with three shelves of reserved items, our broom, hoover, and cleaning stuff.*

Me: That’s all there is.

*The lady stared dumbly at the closet for a moment, then to my shock she charges inside*

Lady: It can’t be! You’ve got to have more back here! My nephew’s birthday is today! I NEED that bobblehead!

*She starts pounding on the wall, pulling on the shelves, checking (I’m guessing) for some hidden switch that’ll reveal there’s another secret area behind the closet*


Me: Lady, that’s it! Our stock is either on the floor or in one of the cupboards on the floor. There’s no other area they could be!

*The lady continues freaking out. By this point she’s in danger of pulling the shelves clean off the walls (They’re just cheap metal ones held on with screws) and having the items on them fall on her. I finally have to step in and block her from the closet*

Me: Lady, seriously, I’m going to call the police and have you removed if you start destroying the store. I swear to God, there’s no more back, there’s no other place where we keep stock.

Lady: No, you have to have another back area! You NEED to have that bobblehead!

Me: Ma’am, I understand your distress, really I do. But as we’ve confirmed, we don’t have it. I can order it for you and have it here in two daysvia express post, but there’s no way I can get you one today.

*I hate to admit it but my heart breaks as this lady looks like she’s going to break down in tears.*

Lady: But…but…I trusted you! I trusted you to have my nephew’s gift! You’ve ruined everything!!! Why won’t you show me where the real back is???

*She leaves the store in defeat, and sadly we’ve yet to see her again (seriously, I really didn’t want to upset her that much). I know customers are insistent as hell about ‘the back’ having everything they’re shopping for, but that’s the only time I’ve witnessed how deep their denial can go if you don’t have what they’re after.*