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, | Unfiltered | August 31, 2017

(I live an a pretty diverse neighborhood. I have just got into the line at the DMV when a woman gets in line behind me. We are the only two white people in the short line which we will get though within 5 minutes.)

Her: (whispering to me) Don’t you just wish that immigration control will just storm in and shorten this line up for us.

(I turn to see her smiling at me, waiting for me to respond in agreement.)

Me: I’m not too concerned about how long the line is, I’m just bothered I have to deal with a racist old bag while I wait.

(She scoffed and looked away. She spent the remainder of the the wait muttering to herself about how she will have to pay for all the insurance for THOSE people and they are just going to end up running over white kids.)