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A bit of background on this one- I’m twenty years old, but short, acne’d, and dressed in a romper and sandals. My fiancé is younger than I am, but tall, bearded and dressed in jeans and a button up. We approach the ticket window

Me: Hi, can we get two for [R-rated movie]?

*The cashier smiles and rests his head on his hand*

Cashier: Sorry sweetheart, you don’t look old enough to see and R. Ask your big brother there to buy them for you, and maybe then I can let you in.

Me: I understand. Here’s my ID.

Cashier: *ignores ID on counter* School ID doesn’t count, you know.

Me: This is a state issued driver’s license, if you don’t mind looking.

The cashier waves me off. I turn to my fiancé, who is standing behind me, and is not old enough to purchase R tickets for himself, let alone others, and hand him the money for the tickets. He pays, and the cashier does not check his ID.

Cashier: *to me, smugly* Enjoy the movie, darling!