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, | Unfiltered | August 21, 2017

(We’re in the high-school theater department, painting backdrops for our upcoming show. Just outside the theater department is a set of restrooms and soda machines, a hallway, and then the gym. The backdrop is so big that we have to spread it out on the ground in the hall, blocking the restrooms and soda machines. There’s a basketball game on, so people are coming in and out of the gym, where they have to walk right by us. We take several chairs and set them up around the backdrop with signs informing people that these restrooms are currently off-limits, as we are painting in front of them and cannot allow people to walk on the backdrop. People continually come up and ask if the bathrooms are open and try to walk across the wet backdrop to get to the soda machines, which we ended up unplugging. Our spitfire director comes out to see our progress just as a man walks up and begins climbing OVER the chair barrier and its signs.)

Director: “No, no, those chairs are there for a reason!”

Man: “Oh, I’m just going to the soda machine.”

Director: “You cannot come through here!”

(The man leaves, and the director turns to us and says accusingly:)

Director: “You need to put signs up!”

(We point to the three signs we already have, taped to the chairs in plain view of the people walking by. The director makes a noise indicating his general disgust at the public and walks back into the theater. People continue to ask us if they can walk on the backdrop to get to the bathroom.)