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I am working in the jewelry department when I notice that someone has placed jewelry all over the floor. I begin picking it up and putting it away when a woman storms up.
Customer: Excuse me, I had placed jewelry aside to show my daughter and now it’s gone.
Me: Do you mean the items left on the floor?
Customer: Yes and now I don’t know where I got it all from.
Me: Ma’am I put it away because it was a safety issue. If someone had tripped on it, they could’ve hit their head on one of our fixtures and seriously injured themselves…also, worst case scenario, someone could’ve died because of your negligence. If you want something set aside, you can leave it on the counters or hand it to me.
Customer: Whatever. She leaves and comes back later with her daughter to look again while shooting me dirty looks.
I’d rather get dirty looks than have a lawsuit thank you very much.

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