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I was sitting, enjoying my order at (popular Canadian coffee shop), when I saw a woman with kids, impatiently say, “I’m still waiting for my bagel.” I’ve never had the urge to do anything like that. If it takes too long, I politely say something, but I generally wait. A couple examples of a wrong order, include me asking for a tropical drink, and getting the chocolate version, instead. Now, since I’m a fan of chocolate, it wasn’t too big of a deal, and I kept the drink, anyway. Another time, and I wish I hadn’t, was that they didn’t put cheese on my sandwich (they don’t automatically put it on, anymore, because it costs you more money to add it extra). I forgot about that, so I didn’t ask for cheese. So, of course, when I got my sandwich, I didn’t get any cheese on it. I politely asked for cheese, and they asked me if I asked for it, which I said “no”. They said they’d put it on, anyway, but, for the next time, to ask for it. I felt bad, but I wasn’t being a jerk about it. That same day, I witnessed an employee admit that she overcharged a customer for two coffees. At least these cases make me realize that not all customers/employees are jerks.

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