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(I work as the only tech support specialist for an agency of about 250 employees. We’re trying to roll out a new time clock system (called EWS going forward), and are currently in the process of setting up everyone’s accounts in prep for a test run for the system next week. I wrote a thorough document, complete with screenshots, on how to set up one’s account on EWS, which is basically a website. I also created two videos (one for each type of time clock we’re using under this new system) that go into as much detail as the document. I’ve basically addressed as best I know how two of the three learning styles common in adults (visual and auditory), and my hope was that by following one or the other, they could do the kinesthetic approach if that’s how they learn. So, having set that up…)

“I can’t get EWS set up. I keep getting [common error that I recognize].”

Me: “Okay. Let’s start from the beginning. Click on Account Setup. On the next screen, enter [our agency ID], then your employee ID, date of birth, and last four of your SSN. You got all that?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay. Now this is where a lot of people get tripped up. On this screen, you will enter the username you want. But don’t include the @[agency ID].”

Caller: “Okay, I have that.”

(We run through the instructions and it still isn’t working. I feel compelled to ask:)

Me: “Okay. When you typed your user ID into the field on the account creation screen, did you include @[agency ID]?”

Caller: “Yes, because that’s what [Other Employee] told me to do.”

Me: “No. I know it’s weird, but when you do account setup, you just put in your username. Let’s try account setup again.”

(Gets to the username part.)

Me: “Now, tell me exactly what you’re typing in this field, please.”

Caller: “[username]@[agency ID]”

Me: “Please take off the @[agency ID] part before proceeding.”

Caller: “But [Other Employee] did hers this way. And my local area manager told me to do it this way too!”

Me: *takes a deep, quiet breath* “I understand that that’s how they told you to do it. Please just trust me. Take out @[agency ID], before you click Create Account.”

Caller: “Okay.” *tries to log in* “It worked! I’m in, thanks [Me]!”

Me: *barely keeps from saying ‘I told you so’* *wraps up call normally*

(With this website, when a user sets up an account, they create a user ID, but when logging in they use userID@[agency ID], because the agency ID points to a database on a cloud server, kinda like how the @gmail.com points an email client to look at Gmail for your username (to put it in simple terms for those who don’t know computers well.)

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