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(Unfortunately, I am the customer in this one. I walk into my bank after work.)

Me: *approaching the teller* “I’m so glad you guys are on my way home otherwise I would have totally forgotten I need to do this.”

Teller: “What can I help you with?”

Me: “Well, last night I got a replacement debit card since my current one expires next month. I did the right and proper adult thing and cut up my old card as soon as I activated the new one…”

Teller: *seeing where I’m going with this* “Oh… oh no…”

Me: “And, about a half hour later, I’m in the drive thru and realize my old card is still in my wallet… so, what can we do to get a new one ordered?”

Teller: *cringing, laughing, and pointing to the desk not too far away* “Talk to [account rep] and she can get a new one ordered no problem.”

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