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(Regular customer who had been absent for awhile for a mid life crisis…upgrade. She had obviously gotten a lot of work done. Previously she would wear business dress clothing but as she approached me in a full body skin tight leopard print suit with red kitten heels and 15 Nordstrom shopping bags I knew this would take awhile.)

Leopard Print Blond: “Excuse me! Miss! Excuse me!”

Me: “Yes, Ma’am?”

Leopard Print Blond: “Do you sell literature here?”

Me: “Yes we do. I would love to help you but I have a customer on hold waiting for me to look for a book. If you would like I am sure there will be someone at Customer Services to assist you.”

Leopard Print Blond: *remember, she is a regular* “Okay, umm, where is that?”
Embarrassed 15-Year-Old Son: “Mom, it’s up front… where it says Customer Service.”

Leopard Print Blond: “Oh! Ok! Thanks!”

Me: “You’re welcome.”

(After getting to the receiving room I burst out laughing and two minutes later my manager came back.)

Manager: “Does anyone have Motrin?”

Me: “Let me guess… Leopard Print Blonde?”

Manager: “How did you know?”

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