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(My school’s Engineering class has two teachers. They’re both known for being a little eccentric, but they always try to have fun. They also share the Engineering lab, which is very large for a teaching space and has several rooms. I am taking the final exam, on which a small portion of our grade comes from how well we clean up our work space and bins we use to store our things. Note: I’m a very forgetful and generally unobservant person, which my teacher has found out from experience.)

Me: Hey [Teacher], where’s my bin?

Teacher: You left it on the table all week so [Other Teacher] probably put it somewhere random in the lab.

Me: Oh. I probably earned that.

(I search around for a few minutes but can’t find anything, so I return to the rest of the final since the bin is only a very small part. A few minutes later, my teacher comes up to me.)

Teacher: [My Name], you know where your bin is?

Me: *Expecting a ridiculous story about it being hidden in the ceiling fan or something* No?

Teacher: *Silently points to table directly behind me*

Me: …

Teacher: …

Me: What did you expect from the girl who didn’t notice a thirty-feet-tall, two-feet-thick metal pole blocking a doorway for two months?

Teacher: *Walking away and laughing* Have a good summer, [My Name].