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, | Unfiltered | July 15, 2017

(The library director said something to my coworkers today that caused them all to go in an uproar. This isn’t the first time it’s happened but I try to stay out of it since I’m trying to get a full time job and I don’t want to make enemies with library directors. This conversation happens in the evening at the main desk. Note: we have security cameras that point to this desk so I try to be careful about what I say)
Coworker: did you hear what [library director] said to [other coworker]? *she tells me what she said* I can’t believe she said that! Can you believe she said that?
Me: *aware of the cameras I give her no reaction*
Coworker: you have to admit that’s a pretty awful thing to say to someone.
Me: *still no reaction*
Coworker: I mean who says that!? I can’t believe she said that!
Me: *hoping she’ll stop* honestly, I’m trying to stay out of it.
Coworker: good! You should! *continues to tell me how outraged she is*