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(As a teenager I had braces that were – in some way – done incorrectly and over the course of the treatment the enamel of my teeth started to deteriorate. Since I was a quiet and shy teenager I didn’t speak out and got in a somewhat vicious cicle of dental hygiene since properly cleaning my teeth started to hurt. After a while I even stopped going to the dentist because I was so ashamed. However, in my twenties I started seeing an amazing dentist who was very empathetic and didn’t judge. Session by session we started ironing things out but for a very special procedure he transfered me to a dental surgeon. This takes place at my first appointment before she even took a look at my teeth.)

Dentist: Hello [my name]. Nice to meet you! May I ask: How old are you?

Me: Hi … uhhm … Im 24. Why?

Dentist: Yeah, I thought so. But from your x-rays I’d guessed you would be 60.

Me *embarrassed*: Yeah, I know. But I try to contain the damage now.

Dentist: You got to start cleaning your teeth better!

Me: I’m cleaning them at least twice a day now. If you take a look you’ll see I really started taking dental hygiene very serious and try to save what can be saved. But the damage has been done. Still, I really clean my teeth.

Dentist: Don’t give me that spiel. I’ve seen how many fillings you have. You do a terrible job of keeping your teeth healthy.

Me *miserable*: Yes. Im very sorry. I know.

Dentist: You know how ugly such teeth are, right? You’re 23. Probably looking for a nice girl to marry some day. But I’m gonna tell you right now: With those teeth you’ll never find a girl!

Me *on the verge of tears*: I’m really trying to take better care. [Dentist] always told me I’m really doing a good job now. I’ve didn’t have a new cavity in 2 years.

Dentist: Well, I don’t care. Your mouth is ugly. And you’re probably gonna die alone with such bad mouth hygiene. Now go make an appointment with my receptionist for next month so we can start making you look human again.

(I didn’t want to object to her but I didn’t make an appointment and even almost quit the ongoing procedure with my regular dentist. He had to talk to me for an hour until I was ready to keep going. He also said he wouldn’t transfer patients to this dental surgeon anymore.)


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