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(Most of my coworkers switched to a rotating schedule a few months ago: they work only two or three day blocks before having two or three days off. I work a traditional Monday-Friday work week, but this week I am working Monday-Saturday to cover for another coworker so I’m putting in 60+ hours and not exactly looking forward to it. It’s Thursday and I’m taking a short break and talking to my ‘work wife’, one of the mechanics in the shop.)

Him: This schedule’s pretty great. Yesterday was my Monday and today is my Friday.

Me: I hate you.

Him: No, you know you love me!

Me: I DO love you! But I also hate you a little bit because it’s your TuesdayFriday but it’s my second Wednesday.

Him: *laughs* Aww, that’s awful. I’ll probably come pick up some extra hours on my day off though.

Me: You could come see me Saturday..

Him: Ha, Saturday? Yeah, I love you too but I don’t love you THAT much.

(He came in Friday so he could keep his weekend intact. I didn’t hold it against him.)

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