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When I was in my second year at college my anxiety and depression got the best of me and I attempted suicide. I missed a few weeks of school while in the hospital and going through a day program. As soon as I had access to my laptop again I emailed all of my professors. I was open and honest with them and they were all willing to work with me about my missed days and assignments. Except one. My History teacher said the proper protocol was to talk to the Dean of my College. I didn’t know my Dean so it was very awkward emailing him and he insisted meeting in person. All I remember of our conversation was that the first words of his mouth were “You need to take your medication.” He hadn’t even asked if I was on medication previous to my attempt and I hadn’t mentioned previous treatment in my email. He didn’t even ask how I was doing. I was horribly offended and did my best to get out of there as quickly as possible. For your information Mr. Dean, I was taking my meds. And it wasn’t until after this incident that we realied that traditional anxiety meds don’t work for me and found a medication that does.