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[Every month, all of our lifeguards must attend an in-service to ensure our skills are up to date. During this in-service, we’re all introducing ourselves to each other while treading water with our hands up]

me: I’m [my name], I’ve been here for about a year and a half… and my favorite superhero is Captain America!

[I notice while I’m talking that one of the younger guards is snapping her fingers in a ‘hurry up’ motion. She does this to the next two people as well.]
me, quietly: [name], stop.

[Several introductions later, I notice that she continues to snap her fingers, and I realize she’s doing this to help keep concentrated. Realizing my mistake, I swim over to her between activities to apologize.]

me: Hey, [name], wait up, I’m–

guard: You are NOT my supervisor. You CANNOT tell me what to do, and it is NONE of your business what I do with my hands. I was snapping my fingers to keep the beat! You are NOT my supervisor!

me, moderately confused at the outburst: Oh– yeah, uh… I realized that. I came over to apologize. I thought you were rushing us.

guard, smugly: I’m sorry that you thought that, but you are NOT my supervisor-

me: I didn’t think I was-

guard: – and you CANNOT tell me what to do, because you have no business telling me what to do with my hands!

[She continues to interrupt me as I try to speak. Eventually, I deduce that she was more upset that she didn’t have the chance to tell me off before I came to apologize, so she had to get her licks in while she had the chance. I told her I didn’t have the energy to continue and I swam away.]

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