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, | Unfiltered | June 25, 2017

During the years I lived in Indiana, I didn’t have a car and depended on the bus system completely to get around. Normally this wasn’t a problem. However, there were a few occasions it was NAW-worthy.

One day, I needed to get to the bank after work. This required catching two buses one after the other and relied on both being on time, along with my coworker, who had to clock in before I could leave.

My coworker was five minutes late, and I ran the full quarter mile to the bus stop (which included going up two flights of stairs and through a building; side note that I am not a very athletic or even very active person). Miraculously, I still made it to the stop with just under two minutes to spare.

And yet as I came stumbling/sprinting up to the stop, I saw the bus pulling away from the curb — early, and into a red light! Not only did the driver have no reason to pull away from the curb because of the light, she was still a good minute and a half from even arriving at the stop!

Normally, I would’ve let it go, but I *had* to get to the bank, so I wound up all my courage and stepped over to knock on the bus door (it wasn’t fully away from the curb, so there was no traffic hazard). The driver skewered me with a furious death scowl and shook her head. All through that red light, I had to stand on the curb staring at the bus I desperately needed to be on, and could’ve been on if not for my careless late coworker and the sadistic early bus driver.