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, | Unfiltered | June 23, 2017

I’m at the dentist, getting my teeth cleaned. The hygienist treating me is probably new, as i never seen her before and i’ve been going to the same practice for all my life. I’m very ticklish to the water jet, so sometimes i let out a sound that is half giggle, half shriek. That’s all i can conjure up with my mouth open and I can’t help it. As a result, the hygienist is almost bend over laughing.

Hygienist – *laughing* “Can you stop making that sound? It’s too funny!”

me: “Sorry, I really can’t help it. It just tickles so much!”

After that the dental assistant comes in, who I know well, and takes over to check my gums.

Assistant: *pokes my gums with a sharp hook.*

me: *shrieks*

Assistant: (stern but friendly) “Oh, you wuss! Suck it up.”

How one pretty similar sound can conjure up such different reactions…