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, | Unfiltered | June 15, 2017

(It’s the end of the year and about ten of us are in a room taking an exam. The exam we are taking is particularly long – about three hours – and also kind of boring. This happens near the end of the exam to a boy in front of me who has a tendency to fall asleep in boring situations!)

Boy: *begins to nod off* 
Me: *looks around at everyone else and snickers but no one else really notices*
Boy: *begins to slump down even more and even starts to snore!*
All Of Us Students: *laughing and snickering*

(Finally the teacher who is proctoring the exam notices and walks over to the boy.)

Teacher: *kicks desk* “Wake up!”
Boy: *wakes up and looks around confused* “What? Oh…”
All Of Us Students: *laughing hysterically in disbelief that someone could actually fall asleep during a high level exam!*

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