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(Dobbing myself in here. My job involves hiring out animals for kids to ride in the mall. The store only opened recently and has already moved locations – from one mall to another – taking all staff and machines with it. A customer has come up to ask about opening times)

Me: Have you been here before?

Customer: We’ve been to your store in [other location].

Me: Oh yes, that was us. We’ve all moved down here.

Customer: Are you going back for the school holidays? It seemed busier there.

Me: No we’re not. We’re here for good. It’s actually busier here, though not on weekdays.

Customer: Didn’t do so well there then?

Me: Not really. And well, we had one of the machines stolen so that would’ve factored into the decision to move.

Customer: Oh which one was stolen?

Me: *Without thinking* The one that’s not here?

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