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(I am working alone on the evening/night shift in the deli. As I am cleaning up, a customer walks up.)

Me: “Hello! What can I get for you?”

Customer: *kinda grumpy* “Yeah I want some of your $5.99 Swiss cheese. And give me a sample.”

Me: *thinking she could have asked nicely, and trying to figure out what sign she is reading* “I am sorry, ma’am, the Swiss cheese is $6.99 a pound.”

(I still get it out to give her a sample.)

Customer: “No, it is not. It is $5.99; I am staring right at it. Do not tell me I am wrong.”

(The customer she sees me put the cheese next to the slicer:)

Customer: “What kind of cheese is that?”

Me: “Swiss cheese.”

Customer: *huffs* “I know that. What KIND? You guys have so many different kinds over there.”

(We have only two; our regular squared shipped store brand, and the circular baby swiss from another brand, which had been a new kind.)

Me: “It is our fresh deli [store] brand cheese.”

Customer: *glares at me* “So you do not know what kind it is?”

Me: “I do…” *starts to repeat myself*

Customer: “Just give me a slice.”

Me: *hands her the first slice*

Customer: *angry* “No, you are not suppose to give me the first slice, and you know that! Cut me another.”

(I cut another while thinking on how we are suppose to give the first slice. I hand it to her and walk around to the front of the case to see what she is looking at.)

Customer: “See, it says right there, $5.99. I know what I am talking about. You can see that the sticker says…” *pauses* “…oh, that is hot pepper cheese. Just give me some of that.”

Me: *gives her SECOND slice of the hot pepper cheese and cuts the rest, smiles and asks nicely* “Can I get you anything else, ma’am?”

Customer: “What is your name?”

Me: *thinks for a second wondering why she asks, and wondering about my name tag that is on my shirt**tells her*

Customer: “Fine!” *walks away.*