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I work at a cafe located between a dance studio and a karate studio. Because of our position a lot of kids and teens from both studios eat here. During this incident a young man in his twenties is harassing a group of teenage dancers still in their ballet leotards.

Man: Hey baby, nice a**! Can you bend over backwards for me?

The girls look uncomfortable, so I intervene.

Me: Sir, if you continue to harass my customers I will have to ask you to leave.

Man: You can’t kick me out you little s***! I’m a paying customer.

I’m about to say something when a ten year old girl in a karate gi walks up to the man.

Man: Oh, little karate kid is here, be careful and don’t break a nail. (He laughs)

Out of nowhere the little girl grabs the man, flips him, and kicks him in the groin. Now the man is lying on the floor in pain. The dancer girls and I look shocked, the little girl just shrugs and walks up to the counter.

Little girl: Can I have ice cream please?

The dancer girls offered to pay for the little girl’s ice cream, but I gave her the ice cream for free.

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