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I am in the fifth grade when this happened. Our class is taking a test on a subject that I have always found to be easy, so I ace it pretty quickly and set it aside. There are still twenty minutes to go until the teacher collects it, so I pull out a sheet of paper and start drawing.

Eventually the teacher sees what I’m doing, storms over, and yells at me for drawing during a test even though I have already completed mine and then snatches my drawing, leaving me with nothing to do for the rest of the test. I saw the drawing a few more times on her desk but don’t know what became of it after that because she never gave it back. It was supposed to be a gift for my mom, which made the alleged theft hurt even more.

When she collects the tests of people who are already done fifteen minutes before testing is up, she goes over my test, walks back over to my desk, and slams it down, asking me, “What did we talk about?” and demanding that I fix the supposed mistake. I look over it but can’t find the mistake she’s referring to, and I’m also extremely confused about what I’m looking for in the first place because she never once spoke to me about anything.

I end up staring at the paper in blank confusion without correcting anything, which obviously made her angrier, so she stormed back over, snatched the test off my desk again, and shouted, “Never mind!”

I can’t remember what I got on the test because it was so long ago but I know it was probably a passing grade, I still have no idea what I did wrong, and this is especially confusing because I never before or since had a problem with that teacher since I was a model student at the time. Maybe she was having an off day or maybe she was somehow confusing me for a problem student that she had a discussion with about something earlier?

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