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, | Unfiltered | June 8, 2017

Bit of background, my sister is just back from 3 months working abroad, so knowing she will want to see me as soon as I get in, I call in the supermarket as I am bursting for the bathroom to avoid having to dash off when arriving home.

After finishing I chat with a friend who works there and go to get some cola. I discover that there is only one crate left on offer and after picking it up it turns out that it has leaked and I have gunk from it all over my hands, not wanting to pay full price I don’t get the smaller crates and plan to come back the next day, and therefore leave the store without buying anything and head back into the bathrooms to wash my hands.

On the way in I see police officers in the store, which is usual as it is opposite a station. Someone enters behind me and I hear them say “You do realize there are police outside”, I assume it’s a kid on the phone who’s being causing trouble for staff and hiding, I turn around from the sinks to see a security guard stood there who says to me “Where’s this bottle of wine?”… I think my shock was that genuine he turned and bolted out of the bathroom, I leave and a customer services staff member is stood there and explains the situation to me and apologizes.

It turns out that as the security guard returned from his break she stated “that old man has taken a bottle of wine” and pointed (Note – I’m 25 and look younger) however the security guard did not hear the “old” part and from what he has seen, a respectable looking gentleman walking out of the store with a bag, and me in front of him, with no bags, heading quickly towards the bathroom. Had I turned around straight away I would have come out to 3 police officers waiting, in a store where numerous friends, relatives and colleagues shop! Luckily the customer services lady had explained this to the police who caught the culprit (who’d bought a cheap item to try avoiding suspicion).

So had my shock not been as genuine as it was I could have been humiliated and pulled into the managers office, with some off duty officers all for a case of mistaken identity! I went back in later to pick the earlier mentioned friend up and the security guard did come up to me and apologize, despite this, I made sure I bought an item this time and kept the receipt close!