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(Every Friday night, my family and I have gone a particular restaurant in town for dinner and a movie afterwards. This time, we have to get up at 4 am the next day and it’s already 7 pm, so we decide to get takeout instead. This restaurant only has the one location in our area code, which is important. The way the restaurant identifies orders is by taking your car model and license plate over the phone so you don’t even have to get out of the car. My dad and I go to pick it up and have been waiting in the takeout spot for a few minutes when this happens.)

Waiter: *gives us confused look* “Are you here for takeout?”

Dad: “Yes.”

Waiter: *runs inside and then comes back out with the receipts* “I don’t have your car. Is this the one you gave us?”

Dad: “Yes.”

Waiter: *runs back in and comes back out* “We don’t have your order. Did you call here?”

Dad: *shows her his phone log* “Yep.”

Waiter: “What did you order?”

Dad: *gives order*

Waiter: “Okay, I remember taking that order over the phone. I even put in the computer. I’ll go look again. I must have missed it.”

(She comes back with the manager.)

Manager: “So we still can’t find your order but I got the full story from [Waiter]. Can you give your order to me again?”

(Dad recites order.)

Waiter: “Do you want me to re-enter it?”

Manager: “No, this has gone on far beyond our usual five minute goal from when a customer arrives and it’s the third time tonight this has happened. I’ll go run it through kitchen personally and then give these folks the order on the house. You go take your break.”

(The waiter leaves and the manager comes back with our food shortly after, free as he promised. When we went back the next week, we learned that waiter was no longer working takeout. We’re still not sure what happened.)

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