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(It was exactly closing time, 20 minutes after the last movie started, and my manager was closing down my register out in the ticket booth. A man walks up and asks to get two tickets to [movie]*

Manager: I’m sorry, sir, but we’re closed.

Customer: What?! Are you kidding me? We just drove 30 minutes to see this movie and you can’t let us in?

Manager: No, I’m sorry, our computers have already shut down. (not necessarily true, but we have closed the doors and concessions was in the process of shutting down also).

Customer: I can’t believe this! Let me speak to your manager right away!

Manager: I am the manager.

Customer: *pauses* Well, I hope you’re happy. *pacing back and forth by now while the other man that came with him is standing there, staring at him* We are never coming here again and I’ll call corporate tomorrow! *storms away*

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