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(This took place on a long car journey after work.)

Coworker 1: Oh I see you where speaking with Dave, this morning. How is he?

Coworker 2: Dave?

Coworker 1: yeah Dave, he just got back off sick.

Coworker 2; Who?

Coworker 1: Dave! Everyone knows Dave.

Coworker 2: Do you mean Steve?

Coworker 1: What?! no Dave.

Coworker 2; Short guy, kinda stocky?

Coworker 1; (Exasperated) Yes!

Coworker 2; That’s Brian.

Coworker 1: Who the hell is Brian?

Coworker 2; Short guy, late 50’s.

Coworker 1: What, no that’s Dave.

Coworker 2: oh well yeah ok I guess.

(These are two highly experience engineers, both have been working alongside Dave for years, I went down to see Dave the next day who told me that he never spoke to Coworker 2, all day. I really worry about this place sometimes.)