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(Working as a cashier/clerk at a pharmacy/store, I used to also do the stocking weekly. This happened when my manager and I were in the cold care aisle.)

Customer #1: *heavily accented English* “Excuse me, do you have toilet?”

Manager: “A bathroom? Yes; it’s on that end of the store.”

Customer #1: “No! Not bathroom! TOILET!”

Me: “Sir, are you asking for our restroom? Or a product?”

Customer #1: “Yes! TOILET!” *holds up bottle of body powder* “TOILET! TOILET!”

(My manager has excused herself to another aisle where I can hear her muffled, confused laughter. Another customer has been observing and realises what is trying to be said:)

Customer #2: “EAU DE TOILETTE!! Eau de toilette!”

Me: “Right this way, sirs.”