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I inherited a long trench coat last year after my uncle passed away and wear it to work on rainy days. I also regularly stop at the grocery store where my aunt works to pick up a hot meal for work, including on this rainy day.

Me: Hi, [aunt]. How’s business?

Customer [interrupting] They shouldn’t let your type in here!

I look around, and it’s just my aunt, this customer, and me.

Me: Excuse me?

Customer: Yeah, you. Pedophiles don’t belong in society.

Me: Again, EXCUSE ME?

Customer: Well why else would you be wearing a coat like that except to hide kids underneath while you force them to do sexual favors for you?

Aunt: My manager is on the way to escort you from the property ma’am, as this is completely uncalled for. But I will have you know, this is my nephew and this is my late husband’s coat, so I take personal offense to your behavior.

Customer: A whole family of molesters! Guess it runs in the blood (aside, I’m a blood relative of my aunt, not my uncle). I hope he’s rotting in Hell as payback for what he did!

By this point, the manager has heard her tirade, and picks up speed, as my aunt is barely keeping it together, as my uncle died suddenly last winter and that is well known at the store. Pretty sure this customer earned herself a permanent ban.

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