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(We run a campground. Our main office, where people stop when they enter the park, does not have a public restroom in it. Naturally, we have a sign on the door that no one ever notices).

Customer: I need to use your bathroom.

Manager (me): I’m sorry, we don’t have a public restroom in here. The closest one is in the bathhouse, next to the playground.

Customer: But you do have a bathroom?

Me: Yes sir, but it’s behind the counter and only for employees. I’m afraid I can’t let you back here.

Customer: Well, that’s BULLSHIT. (Turns, exits the store and walks about four feet down the road before entering his motorhome. After several minutes, he comes back in to register his site, grumbling about having to use his own bathroom. As I am checking him in, he is slinging abuse at me and finally I’ve had enough.)

Me: Sir, do you have a bathroom in your RV/

Customer: Yes! I actually have two.

Me: And did you just go use it?

Customer: Yes! Because you wouldn’t let me use yours?

Me: So…what exactly is the problem here?

(He didn’t have an answer for that.)