7 Reasons Why College Is Better Than High School

Learning | January 15, 2016
1. Motherly Reactions:

First day of high school, and your mom is dragging you out of home to go. First day of college, and your mom is dragging you back in the house so that you can’t go. Let that speak for itself.

2. Freedom!

You decide when you want to sleep, eat study, or more importantly, not study!

3. Dress Code:

Or mainly, a lack of it. You don’t need to suffer a teacher berating you because your hair is too loud or your skirt is an inch above the knee. And unless you’re in Hogwarts, no uniforms! (But then again if you were in Hogwarts you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else on this list!)

4. Scheduling:

You no longer have to be in a class every daylight hour! You can choose some very specific and interesting classes around a schedule that gives you the chance to sleep in, take breaks, and even have naps! It’s like pre-school all over again!

5. The PARTIES!!!

The PARTIES!!! It wouldn’t be college without a party every week, be it a frat-house mega party to a smaller gathering on campus with a few friends and music. This is the time for you to enjoy yourself. It’s not always going to look like the parties from Bad Neighbors, but you can sure try!

6. The people from all walks of life.

If you stay in the same town with the same people all your life, you’re going to have a very narrow-minded view on life. By interacting with fellow students from different places and backgrounds and societal values will help you challenge yourself, each other, and open your mind to the big and wonderful world out there. It’s not just class that helps you to expand your mind.

7. The responsibility:

For better or for worse, you are responsible for yourself now. You won’t find teachers hunting you down for late homework, they’ll simply brush you aside and fail you. This is where you discover what it takes to be a responsible young adult. Not everyone will succeed, but the life lessons you learn from day one an order of magnitude above whatever you learned in High School.

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