69 Cents? Oh, The Humanity!

| Right | September 8, 2016

(After working as a manager for a popular party store for many years, I have heard it all when it comes to balloons. My two favorites thus far are:)

Customer: “How much is it to have my balloons inflated?”

Me: “69 cents a balloon.”

Customer: “That is way too much money for something that is free in the air. When I blow up balloons at my house, with my mouth, it is free.”

Me: “You can do that, certainly, but helium allows them to float. If you blow them up with your air, they will not float. You can still attach them with tape or allow them to sit on the floor during your event.”

Customer: “Ridiculous. When I blow them up with my mouth they have always floated. See—” *points to the package* “—it says helium balloons right here, which means they will float if I blow them up with my mouth, just like I do all the time.”

Other Manager: *who has overheard* “Ma’am, if you can blow up balloons with your mouth, and they float, you need to work here immediately. You would save us so much on helium costs.”


Customer: “How much is it to inflate my balloons?”

Me: “69 cents a balloon.”

Customer: “Oh. I have one of those tanks that attaches to my grill at the house. Can I use that to inflate these instead?”

Me: “You can not use propane to inflate these balloons, ma’am. I am sorry…”

Customer: “Why? The tank looks similar to those.” *points to smaller disposable helium tank*

Me: “It is very dangerous to fill balloons with a flammable gas, ma’am. Helium is not flammable, and is safe for balloon usage. Propane can cause an explosion to occur.”

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