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Unfiltered | May 28, 2017

We have a back room where customers can watch preselected movies, in a little booth, for a $3 fee. I was in the middle of my shift when a customer approached the counter.)

Customer: “Hey, what’s the deal with the back room?”

Me: “We have movies back there. You pay $3, and get ten minutes to watch one if the movies.”

Customer: *horrified/disgusted look* “Are you kidding me? Guys just sit back there, watch porn, and touch themselves! That’s completely disgusting!”

(He leaves the counter, and circless the store a few times. All the while, looking at the back rooms and muttering to himself about how disgusting the floors must be. A short time later, he approaches the counter again.)

Customer: *drops a $5 bill onto the counter* “I’ll take $3 for the back.”

Me: “……..”


Me: “