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Unfiltered | May 25, 2017

I work in a Computer Repair shop which also sells stationery. We also have a few branded giftware items for [educational establishment] which we inherited when [nearby shop] changed hands.

An elderly lady rings up enquiring about said branded items, and we have the following conversation.

Customer: Hi I would like to speak to the person in charge of ordering clothing.

Me: I’m afraid the manager isn’t here at the moment, can I help at all?

Customer: I would like to complain about the lack of scarves in [establishment].

Me: … Um, ok… Well this is a computer shop and we only have a few items available.

Customer: Well surely the first thing that students want when arriving at [educational establishment] is a scarf.

*The students typically arrive in August/September, so even in Wales, the weather is usually OK, and definitely not scarf weather! I’m not sure whether the customer is serious or not but I assume she is*

Me: I do apologise, but as I mentioned, this is a computer shop – we only have a few giftware items left.

Customer: Well when will you be getting new stock in?

Me: We won’t be. [Shop across the way] may have some.

Customer: Well I think it’s ridiculous that students could catch a cold because of this.

Me: Well I’m sorry that I can’t help, you can try [other shop]

Customer: Can you put me through please?

*I can’t remember their number and they’re not on the internal pone *

Me: They’re on a different phone system I’m afraid, you’ll have to ring them.

Customer: But I don’t know their number.

Me: You could look it up on Google.

Customer: …

Me: Ok I’ll do it.

*Google only has the number for the other company’s main branch in town…! I inform customer about this.

Customer: Oh I expect the manager’s hiding the number after all these people are complaining about the scarf situation.

*hangs up*

Me: (To co-worker) Wow..

I later found out from the manager of the other shop that she had rung him and complained. They didn’t have any either so she wrote a strongly worded letter to the Vice-Chancellor of [establishment]. Over some scarves…