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Unfiltered | May 20, 2017

(The store is pretty empty and a family walks in. There are a couple of kids who quietly sit down, but the two-year old is running in circles around the store. She keeps bumping into things).

Me: *to the father* Oh, we have a high chair for you to use for your child.

Father: No, it’s okay. We’ve still got a ways to go in the car so we’re letting her burn some energy here!

Me: Okay then… *knowing that the child is going to hurt herself*

(The child then runs behind the counter three times, with each time the father running back to grab her. This is a health and safety issue, and the father refuses to stop the child, so I block off the entry way.)

Supervisor: Hey (ME), could you mop the floors please?

Me: I can, but this father won’t stop his two year old from running around, and she’d hurt herself on the wet floors.

Supervisor: Oh, okay. Just mop them when they leave.

(The family stuck around for twenty minutes, with the child running around the entire time, even bumping into other customers. Eventually the child takes a hard fall, splitting her head open. I offer the family ice and supplies from our first aid kit, but they refuse and let the child bleed into a napkin.)