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Unfiltered | May 19, 2017

Ive been working at Best Buy for about five and a half years and I have to say that we get some of the dumbest customers. I work in the appliances department and a lady with her husband approach me and they ask me.

Do you work here?

Yes I do. What Can I do for you?

(The lady pulls a binder and has lists of other competitors who have a washer and dryer cheaper than us.)

She tells me this,

“I know that you guys get these appliances at two different prices, the employee price and then theres the retail price. Let me ask you this can you tell me what the employee price is?”

(I went to my computer and checked, and then I tell her the price)

The customer says, “Ok i’ll take the pair, washer and dryer but I want it with your employee discount, not the retail price.” I tell her that I cant do that, thats its against company policies to give my employee discount to people other than my family. I tell her that the most I can do is price match and she gets mad and asks for the Store Manager. The store’s GM shows up and she explains to her that we cannot give our employee discount to anyone other than our family members. The customer gets mad and starts cursing out as she walks out the store. Sucks to be that cheap lady.