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Unfiltered | May 17, 2017

(I am 11yrs old and my mum is re-charging her bus/train card. I looked and observed the steps on the screen. Just before we leave, I see a lady next to us who is doing the wrong steps, so I decided to help her)

Me: Oh, wait, no, type the PIN, then swipe the card. (I point to the instructions clearly on the screen)

Lady: Stop, I’m smarter than you, you’re just a kid.

Me: No, I’m showing y-

Lady: I said STOP! I’m an ADULT, we’re SMARTER than you kids.

Me: Just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean I’m DUMB. Look on the screen! (explains instructions again and points to the screen)


(Train line security man rushes over)

Security man: How can I help?

Lady: Can you show me how to complete this? (Gives me a stare)

Security man: No problem.

(Explains exactly what I said before, even pointing to the screen)

Security man: Is there anything else you need assistance with?

(Silence for about 2 minutes, then she quickly finishes re-charging the card and quietly walks off. Don’t under estimate what looks say, it’s really the brain that counts. ;) )