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I work at a well known fast food restaurant that specializes in corndogs and lemonade.

Me: Hi, welcome to (insert name here), what can I get started for you?

Customer: Hi, I’ll get two corndogs, beef, fries and a large diet coke

Me: I’m sorry, we only offer water and flavored lemonade

Customer: But I want a Diet Coke

Me: As you can see, (pointing at lemonade jugs) we only have lemonade, we don’t have a soda tower

Customer: I thought you had soda in the back

Me: (What the actual F) No ma’am, we don’t

Customer: Let me speak with your manager

Me: My manager isn’t here right now, I’d be happy to leave her a message though (smiling)

Customer: Whatever jack**s, thanks for ruining my dinner

I swear someone orders a diet coke at least once a day, you get the dumbest people at the mall

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