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Unfiltered | May 14, 2017

(I was accompanying my stepmother to a high-end women’s apparel store where my sister works at, where the merchandise is primarily fancy or classy and employees dressed appropriately. Although the apparel styles appeal to both my sister and stepmother, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind wearing a frumpy t-shirt, baggy shorts, and male-styled sandals in public; in addition, I’m also the kind of person who wears a cell phone around her neck, due to past experiences wherein I was robbed of my cell phone from my purse. This was exactly how I dressed when I was approached).

Customer: Excuse me, do you have this sweater on extra large?

Me: Oh, I don’t work here.

Customer: What? You don’t? But you have a walkie-talkie!

(I turn around and clearly show her that not only what was worn around my neck is just a cell phone (and that employees of this store don’t actually wear their walkie-talkies), but I am dressed too casually to even be work appropriate. The woman apologized while her face reddened with great embarrassment.

The baffling part is that this is happened again the next time I visited my sister while dressed similarly. Twice.)