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Unfiltered | May 10, 2017

(Note, this is about 2 month before the new Pokemon ORAS is released in Sweden. I’m in one game store to hear if they have better pre-book deal than their competition that are located in the same mall)

Me: So you say you have the better deal?

Worker: Yes. But you can go and ask [competition] if they can top our deal or not.

Me: I think I will.

(I leave to talk to [competition] store next about their deal on the same game series)

Competition: Well… usually I would say we have the better deal but seeing how you are a regular and we know how much you love Pokemon I better be honest with you and say [first store] have better offer than we do.

[Needless to say both I and the worker in the first store, once I told him, got very surprised as what [competition] store did are usually unheard of. I’m still a regular in both game store and plan to get the Pokemon game, different version, from both places.)