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Unfiltered | May 7, 2017

So I work at an electronics store and this man comes up to customer service to return some items he bought a while back. Since I’ve only been working at this store a couple weeks I don’t know who he is. I notice he starts moving his leg up and down.

Me: Oh was it leg day for you at the gym yesterday?

Him: Excuse me?

Me: Leg day? You know, at the gym? You’re moving your leg like it hurts.

Him: Oh no I’m getting it amputated tomorrow.

Me: (completely shocked and speechless) Oh my god I’m so sorry!

Him: It’s ok…wanna see it?!

Me: (after being silent for a second) YES!

His one ankle was twice the size of his other.

Him: They’re taking everything below the knee. Bones and all!

We chatted about recovery time for a minute or so and as he was leaving I just shot my hand up to wave and yelled “GOOD LUCK SIR!”. Never did find out how it went.