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Unfiltered | May 6, 2017

My friend and I both worked for this company as Store Merchandisers which means we put pop on the shelves from the back room of the stores. It was a holiday and we were stacking big 24 can packs of pop six to seven high (which are pretty heavy) onto an aisle display.

Woman: hey I want a 24 Pack diet

Friend: *looks up at stack of 24 Pack diets he just placed* Says: There are some right here.

Woman: No I want one from the bottom of that stack on your cart.

Friend: ……… ok….
*starts to unload all the other flavors on top off the cart to get to the diets on the bottom of which there were at least twenty on the display*

Woman: *with a super condescending tone* yeah that’s right.

Friend *speechless*

Husband gives a look of “I am sooo sorry about her…”