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Unfiltered | May 4, 2017

In high school I worked for the local store of a big chain pharmacy.  This was back before most people had digital cameras and we took in a lot of film, which we sent out to a service for overnight processing.

One night I’m working on the register and a customer comes in looking for his film.  I ask his name and start checking our bins for his order, but I can’t find it.

Me: Are you sure it’s supposed to be ready today?

Customer: That’s what they told me when I dropped it off.

Me: And when did you drop it off?

Customer: Yesterday morning.

Me: OK, let me check our book…  I’m not seeing your name in here, are you sure you dropped it off yesterday?

Customer: Yes.

Me: And you’re sure you left it under [Customer’s Name]

Customer: (Starting to get upset) We’ll that is my name, isn’t it.

Me: I can call our lab and ask about it.  Do you have your claim slip.

Customer: I’ve never had to show my slip before.

Me:  Sir, our lab only tracks film by the envelope number, so since your film isn’t in our book, I need your for the number.

Customer: (Starts digging through his wallet) I’m going to f***ing sue this store because you lost my film.  This is f***ing bulls***.  You people can’t doing anything right here.

Finally the customer finds the slip and hands it to me.

Me: Sir, this slip is from out [other town] store.  You’ll need to go there to pick it up.

Customer:  I thought I could pick it up at any store.

Me: (Dumbfounded) No, I’m sorry, that’s not how it works.  If you want I can call the other store to make sure it’s arrived there.

Customer: No, that’s not necessary.