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Unfiltered | May 3, 2017

(I work at a popular clothing chain. We have a rewards program for brand card-holders where they get a percentage back for every so much they put on their card, in the form of a reward coupon. A woman comes in with a return where she used a $20 reward coupon on a $25 purchase)

Me: Alright, so we’ll just put that $5 back on your [brand] card, sound alright?

Customer: What?! Why only $5?

Me: (looking at receipt) Well, it looks like you used a reward for this purchase, so your total came to $5 when you bought the item.

Customer: But it’s worth $25! I should get $25 back!

Me: But you used a coupon, and were only charged $5 on your card when you bought the item, so that’s all I can give you back.

Customer: That’s ridiculous. You’re ripping me off!

Me: Ma’am, you’ll be getting those rewards points credited back to your account on your next billing cycle.

Customer: I don’t want that, I want my full $25!

Me: That’s not how it works, ma’am.

Customer: Fine! Let me just return it without the receipt then, and get my $25.

Me: …Sorry, I really can’t do that. Besides, without a receipt, I’d just have to give you store credit anyway… which is basically what the reward is.

Customer: I can’t believe you people! I’m never shopping here again!

(She finally finished the return my way, and I haven’t seen her since. Good riddance!)